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Addicted To Love (endless ending outro)-gig and reh
During last Chorus, Dunmore goes out into crowd for singalong, so keep repeating the Chorus progression until he comes back onstage and gives the countdown for the end four Chorus lines.

NOTE: the last Chorus line is a cappella.

The top video is a gig.
The second video is rehearsal.

ADDICTED TO LOVE chord chart

  Ain't Too Proud To Beg (ending)-DunPiano
The ending is the tag (five stabs on the V chord). Keep rolling the outro vamp until the cue to end.

AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG chord chart
American Girl (ending)-reh
Watch for the ending guitar arpeggios (8 bars), which cue the ending, just one bang.

AMERICAN GIRL chord chart

  American Pie (opening / verse prog / ending)-reh
After the opening soft prelude, Band should crescendo on the G (on the word "...died") and wash it until Dunmore starts singing the first soft Chorus alone. (Do this whether Dunmore is playing guitar AND/OR piano.)

On the video, you can see one whole Verse and Chorus progression with chords onscreen.

After we come out of the slow, soft coda ("I met a girl who sang the blues...") we go to a Chorus, which is basically the feel of the opening soft Chorus, but with full band backing, so it sounds like a gutsy rock feel, then we do the next Chorus (the very last one) in the same way it's done in the body of the song, with full band.

Note the ending is ritenuto (suddenly decrease tempo) then add ritardando (gradually slow down), starting with: "This'll be the day that I die" (C - D - G-C-G). Band does not riten enough in this version.

AMERICAN PIE chord chart

  Back In Black (Intro-Segue)
See: SEGUE: Back In Black intro > Magic Carpet Ride
Bad Moon Rising (ending)-DunGtr
Dear Jon transposes this song from the original D to C. Do two whole choruses, then tag it with G-C (V-I).

BAD MOON RISING chord chart

Born To Be Wild (drum fills, middle & end)-reh
Basically, the drum rhythm that is used in the midde fill, coming out of the guitar solo, is the SAME as the fill that ends it.

BORN TO BE WILD chord chart

Brown Eyed Girl (ending)-reh
After the last "sha-la-las" we go to the "leadup" C - D - G - Em, then end on "you my brown eyed girl": C - D - G. End on "girl."

BROWN EYED GIRL chord chart

  Bye Bye Love (ending)-DunGtr
After a couple of Choruses to Solos, we end on a Chorus; when Dunmore gives the sign that this is Last Chorus, we end the last Chorus by doing the tag 3 times "Bye bye my love goodbye." After the 3rd one, do the V-I tag to end. Dunmore will RAISE THE GUITAR OR GIVE THE FIST SIGN on the last one just in case he loses count and does four or five instead of three. SO WATCH FOR THE SIGN.

BYE BYE LOVE chord chart

Cherry Cherry (format, segue, ending)-reh
NOTE the drumming! The original song does not have such prominent drumming, but a kind of conga shuffle. DEAR JON - do the drumming!

NOTE the segues into other songs with the same chord progression (usually, R.O.C.K In The USA, What I Like About You), during outro vamp. DEAR JON musos don't have to learn any other arrangements or grooves, but just be aware of when Dunmore goes back to Cherry chorus to end song. 4x Chorus, then do the "A" riff 1 time!

CHERRY CHERRY chord chart

Don't You Forget About Me (ending)-reh
After the "la-la-la's" wait for the Dunmore sign (closed fist), meaning to finish the whole progression and do the END, which is the INTRO (almost the full intro).


  Down On The Corner (ending)-DunGtr
After we run the Chorus a few times during outro, Dunmore gives the sign to end (either fist or raising guitar) and then we do this last Chorus and end it right at the end of the bar.

DOWN ON THE CORNER chord chart

  Drift Away (full song, format)-GIG
Until a better video version of this song comes along, this will suffice for the DEAR JON version of Drift Away. There is nothing wrong with the way this lineup is playing it, but it should be approached more like a power ballad, slower with more power chords. Dunmore is also not approaching it vocally how he usually does - with more power highs.

But you can hear the main differences between this version and Dobie Gray's original: the off-beat snares, the "pushes" into each verse and each third line, the extra "bangs" on E4-E after every chorus, and then a triple chorus at end.

DRIFT AWAY chord chart

  Freebird (Segue to Sweet Home Alabama)
See: SEGUE: Freebird > Sweet Home Alabama

  Get It On (full song, Dear Jon arrangement)-reh
DEAR JON has standardized the Choruses in this song: The first two Choruses are 2x, then the third Chorus is 4x, then after the solo and fourth verse, Chorus 4x, then 4 riffs to End.

The full verse progression, then 2x Chorus progression, then back to 4 riffs, into Verse 4.

GET IT ON chord chart

  Good Golly Miss Molly (full song, format, feel)-reh
There are many recordings of this song by Little Richard, live and studio, and the feel is different on many of them.
This is the feel Dear Jon adopts - just get this swing right and we'll be on the same page.

Video is the full song, formatted exactly like the record. Original track is in G. Dear Jon version is in D.


I'm A Believer (ending)-DunPiano
The last chorus, plus the double-chorus. The double-chorus does not go to the "tag" ("I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried") until the very end of its double-chorus.

And then we end on the "D" lick.

I'M A BELIEVER chord chart

Make A Memory (full song)-reh
This live version by Dear Jon is mainly for KEYBOARDISTS. Dunmore should ideally not be singing and playing this one, as it detracts from both vocals and keys.

The sounds used by Dunmore are not imperative -- any other keyboardist is welcome to bring more authentic sounds to the song.

The keys are used more in this Dear Jon version than on the actual song, to "thicken" the song.

MAKE A MEMORY chord chart

  Old Time Rock & Roll (ending)-DunPiano
Average White Boy Ending comes up right on the heels of the last chorus vocal, so be aware when given the cue on the last chorus.

NOTE: BAND does NOT stop for crowd singalong like the recorded versio. Band KEEP PLAYING through all choruses.

OLD TIME ROCK & ROLL chord chart: Blues prog, Dear Jon key: D.
Orig Key: F#.

SEGUE: Back In Black intro > Magic Carpet Ride - reh
Play just the INTRO to Back In Black. At the part where the vocals are meant to come in, we go straight to a massive G chord, and wash it like a "metal ending." Then Dunmore counts in Magic Carpet Ride with a "...2-3-4."
NOTE that Magic is faster than Back, so watch for the speed of the count-in.

This video starts from the very first count-in of Back.

BACK IN BLACK chord chart

This footage was not intended as a Tutorial, so the band is sloppy as it learns the format, but we clearly hear the structure of the segue.

  SEGUE: Freebird > Sweet Home Alabama - reh
After the vocals end in Freebird, we do the four rising progressions of the guitar solo (G-Bb-C), then do a crash and hold on D (and let it fade), as the guitar immediately goes into the Sweet Home Alabama riff over this D. Then instruments come in as usual.

We pick up the song in this video from the last words of Freebird, "Won't you fly--high--Free--Bird, yeah!" into the guitar solo.

GUITARISTS: Do the iconic guitar solo that starts the fast section note for note (or as close as possible), as the guitarist does here.

FREEBIRD chord chart

This footage was not intended as a Tutorial, so the band is sloppy as it learns the format, but we clearly hear the structure of the segue.

SEGUE: Whatever You Want > Roadhouse Blues - reh
Both songs exactly the same tempo. After the vocals end in Whatever You Want, we do one more full progression (as it does on the record) without vocals. Tag the progression with the V-chord (A), then crash and hold E (and let it fade), while guitar immediately starts Roadhouse Blues riff. Then instruments come in as usual.

We pick up the song in this video on the last full progression of Whatever. Then the band goes into Roadhouse, but they are not entirely correct, as they should come in after 2 guitar riffs, rather than 4.


This footage was not intended as a Tutorial, so the band is sloppy as it learns the format, but we clearly hear the structure of the segue.

  Shooting Star (ending)-DunGtr
We roll the outro over and over (D - A - D-E - D-E), until we get to the "Na na na's" -- then we do 4 x Na-Na-Na sequences and end on the last beat of the last bar.

SHOOTING STAR chord chart

  Slippin' And Slidin' (ending)-DunPiano

SLIPPIN' AND SLIDIN' chord chart

  Soul Man (outro Chorus, Dunmore's signal to "KEEP ROLLING")-gig
Roll outro Chorus as long as needed. Put that walkup TAG on the end of each Chorus. END on that walkup tag when given the signal.

In this video, we also see Dunmore's signal to "KEEP ROLLING" the Chorus: the twirling hand motion. The signal to END is Dunmore putting up his fist, which means, 'finish the progression and end the song.'

SOUL MAN chord chart

Surrender (ending)-DunGtr
After the vamp on "Mummy's alright, Daddy's alright, Mummy's alright, Daddy's alright" we go to the vocal line, "We're all alright!" NOTE that four of those lines makes up 1 sequence (1 chord progression). Dunmore will do many sequences to work the crowd, so watch for the last four countdown.

After the last four, we end on the root (C#) with the line, "We're all alright!" CLUTCH stop.

SURRENDER chord chart

Sweet Home Alabama SEGUE Kid Rock (format, emding)-reh
After piano solo in Sweet Home Alabama, go into the Kid Rock excerpt (All Summer Long), then do 4x Alabama riffs to cue end, which is F - C/E - D.

Dunmore will only do this segue at gigs with keyboards.

  Sweet Home Alabama (Segue from Freebird)
See: SEGUE: Freebird > Sweet Home Alabama

  Werewolves Of London (ending)-DunPiano
Ending consists of 2 "long howl" progressions, plus two normal chorus progressions.

  Wild Thing (format)-reh
This is a "Crowd" song, so after doing 1 chorus and 1 verse, just repeat the Wild Thing riff ad infinitum while Dunmore works the crowd. When Dunmore comes back onstage, he gives the 4x countdown to end, which is 1 Verse prog (G-A-G-A).


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